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For fitters

With fixed prices you manage your company safely and reliably.

Fixe Preise

W e have simplified the inquiry process for you as a fitter. Certain items such as travel costs are charged at a flat rate according to KM. There is also a fixed hourly rate. As a rule, no more than 2 fitters are required for assembly. Whether you do the assembly alone or hire someone from your team, we pay for two.

In return, reliability is sacred to us. For us, the customer is the focus of our work. Service is the highest good, right after the quality of our products, which we convey to customers. As a fitter, you have fair conditions and can negotiate with us if the fixed price does not meet your expectations, for example because the facade needs a special screw connection or something similar. Substructures, for example, are remunerated with an extra fee, just like the delivery , disposal and dismantling of the old neon signs.

If you want to know more about our prices , write us here and ask for a price list .

Fitters watch out!

You will receive orders from us every month.

Regelmässige Anfragen

A s a company that operates throughout Germany, we advertise in all 16 federal states at the same time and collect so-called “LEADS”.

Leads are inquiries that are generated over the internet. So you are requests for cooperation . And each of these requests is processed by “meine-glühreklame.de”.
Up to 70 offers go out to our customers every day. The quality of the offers is very high , since in most cases they also contain a visualization.

Each ordered neon sign may be attached by you as an assembly partner. Reliable & flexible assembly partners receive regular inquiries from us for neon signs in your district.

There is a maximum limit for fitters in each federal state . This is how we protect our partners and keep the market as large as possible for you and, above all, feasible.

The inquiries come directly to you as the assembly partner via a dashboard. Here you have access at any time and can also follow the whole thing via the app. You can also submit inquiries for your own customers and get a substantial reseller discount. This can either be credited to your bill, or we will simply issue you an additional bill.