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Simple & elegant

Alpha Pharmacy illuminated letters

During the visualization for the Alpha Pharmacy in Munich, we presented our customer’s logo with profile 3 in aluminum. This model is the premium version, which contains an additional side band. This illuminated letter attracts additional attention, as the contrast of the different colored elements is greatly enhanced by the illuminated side band.

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Backlit letter in sideband

Aluminum Profile 3 Premium

Profile 3 shines with double contrasts. The side band is made of plexiglass or acrylic and emphasizes the front and creates a highlight that is very eye-catching.

tread depth




color options

minimum height

maximum height

40 - 160mm

10-15 cm long screws

5 -20mm acrylic glass

Led lighting: white, yellow, red, green, blue, RGB

All RAL colors possible


3000 mm + more on request

Why we?

Your non-binding offer incl. Visualization is a must and a matter of course for us. Let us advise you without obligation and secure a transparent offer.

Our assembly teams are certified electricians with a master’s degree who travel nationwide. They bring your neon sign to your facade all over Germany.

The delivery times for illuminated letters for profile 4 in aluminum are generally between 18 and 26 days.

Shipping is done using one of our express carriers . The light-up letters arrive safely packed in a wooden box and have no unnecessary paper or plastic packaging.

For a better assessment of the implementation of design wishes, we will make you a free visualization of your illuminated letters on your facade. All you need is a photo of your facade, which you can take with your smartphone. Just make sure it’s shot clean.

You get a 2-year warranty on the illuminated letters and the substructure.

We deliver your manufactured illuminated letters, LED advertising pylons, your illuminated individual letters or your illuminated advertising in a special format throughout Germany

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