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The most frequently asked questions

Here you will find a lot of useful information.

What costs should I expect?

The costs are made up of the following factors:

  • number of letters
  • Height and width of each letter
  • Selected Profile

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.


Why should I order from meine-glühreklame.de?

We provide you with full service from a single source:

  • Germany-wide assembly
  • top prices
  • Delivery & assembly incl.
  • Production of high-quality profiles
  • custom made
  • 3D visualization
  • At least 2 years guarantee
  • Sustainable LEDs

Why does meine-glühreklame.de have the best prices?

Our manufacturing facilities are outsourced, which means we have low fixed costs that we pass on to you in full.

Do I get a guarantee for my neon sign?

Yes, we give you a 2-year guarantee on your individual letters.

What does 3D visualization of the illuminated letters mean?

This means that we show you your neon sign on a photo of your facade.


  • You have a precise idea of how your illuminated advertising will look on your facade
  • You make the application to the building authority noticeably easier.

How can I trigger the order?

The following steps are necessary to commission meine-glühreklame.de :

  • Request & receive an offer / order confirmation
  • Confirm with the note "Order placed", stamp and send it back by e-mail
    Sign order confirmation via smartphone
    (Can be done with pen or finger)
  • The invoice will then be sent by email
  • After receipt of payment it will be produced and shipped

Why do I have to pay in advance?

We are a " smart production " company that offers neon signs at the best price. This will only work if we have a uniform payment procedure throughout Europe. Accordingly, we reserve the right not to start production until the prices have been fixed. This means that we can only issue the best price guarantee after 100% payment has been received.

This leads to faster, better and safer processing for both sides.

How long does it take from order to finished assembly?

As a rule, you, the customer, decide the process.

With receipt of payment, production starts in less than 2 days.

Depending on the product selection, we usually need the following production times for production:

- 10 working days: advertising signs
- 14 - 21 business days: nose shields
- 17 - 21 working days: illuminated letters
- 17 - 25 working days: profile letters

Custom orders usually take longer.

Is there a sampling date for the letters?

We do not offer this due to the current pandemic.

Please request the sample separately HERE .

How can I get an offer quickly or can I get the best advice for my needs?

Once you have chosen a profile, you can simply enter it in the request form .
Please fill out as many questions as possible to avoid unnecessary queries. Help us to understand your project and give us as much information as possible so that our service team can advise you individually and specifically.

Please also upload your logo file and if possible as a vector graphic. Also, provide us with the vector graphic at the correct scale to have 100% certainty about the production details.

What data do I have to provide to create an offer?

The file must be delivered as a vector graphic in its original size. Fonts must be converted to curves. Ideally, the file is converted to pdf format.

Please ask your graphic designer about this. He will be happy to provide you with the vector file.

If you don't have one, our design team can help you with that. Request design team .

What is a vector graphic?

A vector graphic can be enlarged (scaled) without loss of quality, as it is more of a mathematical formulary and the image is recalculated with each change.

We need vector graphics for production, since the lines there dictate the cutting paths for our machines.



Which products does "meine-fluorklame.de" offer and what are they used for?

We offer you illuminated letters (inside / outside), as well as nose signs and entire signage concepts .

Our illuminated letters can be configured by yourself and there are more than 32 standard models to choose from.

Our products are mainly used in the areas of neon signs , interior design and branding .


Does "mein-glühreklame.de" also offer other products and custom-made products?

Yes, we develop entire signage concepts with the help of our design team.

We also manufacture special models on request. Our team will support you from planning to installation and beyond.

Send us your special project.

Make an inquiry here.

What colors are there and can multiple colors be used?

Our selection spans the entire color spectrum. We offer all colors and only need a color code (RAL, Pantone, RGB, CMYK). The level of compliance may vary depending on the product type. Multi-wheeled neon signs are no problem.

Can the products also be used outdoors?

Yes, our neon signs and nose signs are primarily intended for outdoor use and are very weatherproof. Advertising signs have different properties and can also be designed for indoor use only.

Is there a guarantee for the neon sign?

We offer you a 2-year guarantee on the LEDs.

In addition, you can book a 2-year guarantee for €300-500 (depending on the number of LEDs).

A note for self-catering:
- The LED`S cost 30 € in a pack of 60
- The assembly costs about 60 € per hour at the electrician you trust.

What are the biggest differences between the individual illuminated letters?

The biggest differences can be found in the material, price and durability.

Find out more on our letters page.

Can "mein-glühreklame.de" also create customer-specific shapes?

How will the neon sign be installed?

We come to the measurement if the structure and nature of the facade is not entirely clear. We then decide on the substructure of the neon sign. For this you will receive a 2D plan, with the help of which you will also receive your building application.

Can the neon sign change color or be programmed?

Changing colors and programming is optional for the neon sign.

Can the neon sign be repaired?

Yes, it is possible to replace the plexiglass cover and the LEDs.

The exchange of individual letters is only possible on request.



How much electricity does the neon sign use?

The power consumption of the LEDs is similar to that of an ordinary lamp. We only use innovative and energy-saving transformer technology for our neon signs. The exact power consumption depends on the size of the neon sign, but should not weigh too much on the electricity bill.

For specific details on an individual product, please speak to our team.

How many transformers do I need?

Normally, LED products require a single transformer. The correct number of transformers is automatically part of every offer or order.

Does the transformer get hot?

The biggest differences can be found in the material, price and durability.

Find out more on our letters page.

How bright are the LEDs?

LED lights and signs are made using light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are closely spaced so that the light they emit overlaps, creating an even and very bright light source

How long is the expected service life of the LED modules

According to the manufacturer, the expected service life of the LED modules is around 50,000 operating hours with daily use of 12 hours. After 30,000 hours, the brightness is reduced to around 70% (50,000 hours / 50%). The illuminated letters should be switched off for at least 15 minutes every 24 hours to extend the life of the LEDs. Please take the installation instructions into account.



How complex is the installation?

Your new neon sign must be installed by a master company (city requirement!). We recommend that you contact us for assembly. This is usually included in the offer.

What installation options are there?

The possibilities are manifold. All products are offered in several configurations: wall mounted , suspended (from the ceiling) and standing . For wall mounting, you can choose between indoor and outdoor mounting. Our products can be installed on most surfaces. For the nose signs and advertising signs you only need special dowels and screws (not included in the purchase, but you can get them in any hardware store!). The neon sign should only be carried out by a master company. However, special surfaces such as glass require more specialized installation by a glass specialist. Standing products on all smooth surfaces are suitable for indoor use. Standing products must be anchored outdoors.

Can "meine-glühreklame.de" also install my product?

Of course! - This is part of our service promise and is usually included directly in the offer.

Are the illuminated letters ready for installation?

Depending on the profile selection and the nature of the subsurface, the letters are either pre-mounted on a U-rail or an aluminum box.

No screws or dowels are sent with individual illuminated letters. Depending on the substrate and installation technique (hanging, standing, facade), other dowels and screws are needed, which can be bought in any hardware store.

If necessary, an aluminum U-rail is supplied, on which the neon sign is already pre-installed. Whether this is the case is already clarified when the offer is made.

How is the electrical installation done?

The installation of the electrical components is carried out by a master-certified electrical installation company. Only technically trained personnel are used here, who are allowed to carry out all necessary work on electrical parts and cables.

With your own electrical installation, you risk your life and the lives of others. In the event of personal injury or damage to property, such as fire or the like, you are responsible for your own liability. We therefore strongly advise against carrying out an electrical installation yourself!



Can "mein-glühreklame.de" recommend me a suitable neon sign for my application?

Yes, our team will be happy to help you. Together we will analyze your project request and give you various recommendations.

Talk to the team now.

Can "meine-glühreklame.de" also visualize my neon advertising on my facade?

Yes, that's exactly what we do! We produce a virtual model of your configured neon sign and place it lifelike on your facade.

All we need is a photo of your facade. The sharper the better.

However, a smartphone photo can be sufficient.

How does the installation service work?

You can easily use our contact form to request an assembly team in your area. We will then get in touch with you promptly and make you a non-binding offer and give you an appointment proposal .

Can meine-glühreklame.de help me with the design?

Of course! - Our design team is at your side with advice and action.

If you wish, we can also produce a logo for you in cooperation with the advertising agency Zebrox .

We accompany you through the entire design process and help you to adequately represent your brand.

This contains:

  • Appropriate choice of material
  • Matching color selection
  • 3D modelling
  • HD visualization

Is express delivery possible?

In principle, express delivery is possible. This must be coordinated with our team and is associated with additional costs.

Request express delivery now.


Order & Payment

How do I order a custom sign?

Email us a project request to order a custom product. You have the possibility to upload files and provide all specifications. Be sure to describe your project as accurately as possible. We will then check your request and send you an initial proposal.

Submit a project request now.

From which countries can I order?

We deliver neon signs all over Europe.

Our assembly, on the other hand, currently only takes place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Other country? - Make an inquiry now.

Can I change the specifications after ordering?

Changes to the specifications are usually still possible within the first 48 hours.

Then the request was received by our production team and started.

If you still have any change requests, you can send us a request and we will be happy to make you an additional offer.

Which payment methods can I use?

We accept the following payment methods: All major credit cards, PayPal, direct debit via Sofort or standard bank transfer.


Shipping & Tracking

How can I check the status of my order?

This is currently only possible via a support request .

How will my neon sign be sent?

As a rule, we send the neon signs securely packed in a wooden box with a generously proportioned foam interior .

Where does "meine-glühreklame.de" deliver?

" meine-glühreklame.de " delivers to all of Europe. Contact us for a quote if shipping to another country.

How long are the delivery times?

Usually the delivery time is between 21 and 24 days. If you need express delivery, write to our support team .


Complaint & return

What are the return shipping policies?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns as all our products are custom made just for you. If a product is faulty we will ensure that the defective component is replaced as soon as possible.

What if my product doesn't work when it arrives?

If your product is already not working upon arrival, you should do the following: - Please check your product immediately after you receive it. - Please document the fault as well as possible and send us the pictures and a description of the fault. We will fix the problem as soon as possible so that your product is fully functional again.

What should I do if my product is damaged upon arrival?

If your product is already damaged upon arrival, you should do the following: - Please check the product immediately after you have received it. - Make sure the damage is noted by the carrier before signing. - Please send us the pictures of the packaging and the damaged part so that we can handle the claim process for you. We will then send you a replacement for the defective part as quickly as possible.

What happens if parts of my product are missing?

If parts of the product are missing, you should do the following: - Please inspect your product immediately after you receive it. - Send us pictures of all packaging and all components you received. After we have received your pictures, we will send you the missing components as soon as possible.

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